• Phase One Complete

    January 1st 2017

    The new version of the website has launched. At this point its just a cosmetic overhaul of the original site however, we now turn our attention to the dynamic functionality that will incorporate our database and other special features that are in the design stage. I hope you enjoy the new visual style.

    Multi-Generational Lineage Archiver

    October 2015 - March 2016

    What started as a simple database has turned into an elaborate and technical project. After creating the structure of the database we began designing and programming a stand alone desktop application that gives us the ability to enter genealogy records starting from George Albert Goodrich all the way through to his modern descendants. So far we have nearly 3,000 names in the database, thanks to Jim Goodrich for putting in the many hours of data entry. We will return to the development of the actual website as soon as Justin acquires the technical skills necessary to take over the project. There are many books to read and computer languages to learn. It will be an interesting year.


  • A Major Re-visioning Begins

    August 1st 2015

    Justin Goodrich joins the Goodrich Family team as database designer and technical adviser. Plans are being outlined for a much more sophisticated website that will not only be a cosmetic overhaul but ultimately be powered by a database that will allow us to document the family line of George Albert Goodrich and begin involving his modern descendants in a unifying way. There is a long road ahead of us, realizing that development will take some time, especially when it comes to the more technical aspects. We are hopeful and dedicated.

  • Web Site Expansion

    We are looking for family members that are willing to assist us in expanding this website. We would like to include all descendants of the George Albert Goodrich family. There is much that can be done in encouraging more family participation. Please contact us and give us your input as to how we may better accommodate every family member.

    We would like to recognize Lila Ashby Thacker and her daughter Rhonda Thacker Holton for their contribution in past years. There valuable input has been very much appreciated. Our latest contributors are Lila Ashby Thacker and her daughter Rhonda Thacker Holton. Their valuable input has been very much appreciated.

    Approved personal histories and other family memorabilia, including home page links, may be submitted by George Albert Goodrich descendants and connecting families for display on this web site. Please contact us for further information.

  • George Washington Taggart Family Reunion

    Sponsored by the Glenn Goodrich Family
    August 5, 2006

    Our August 5, 2006 Taggart Reunion was held in Bountiful, Utah with Glenn and Marilyn Goodrich in charge. It was a great reunion.

    As a descendant of George Washington Taggart, would you like to register and receive a Taggart Family Newsletter? Contact Chris Taggart, Box 2936, Cody, Wyoming 82414.

  • A.G. Goodrich Family Reunion in Oregon

    Was Sponsored by the "Doc" Goodrich Family
    July 7th & 8th, 2006

    Marshall & Jennie Goodrich were the hosts for the A.G. Goodrich family reunion at their home in Oregon July 7th & 8th, of 2006. It was a very successful reunion, and one family member said it was the best, ever.

    We will bring you the latest information on all of the future reunions as we receive it.

  • Merrill Goodrich Family "Outing"
    "Potluck in the Park"

    Many Merrill Goodrich family members attended a potluck Day Outing on Saturday, August 4th, in the Spokane Finch Arboretum Park. It was a great day, and many family members were able to renew old friendships. Those families represented were: John & Jan Goodrich & grandchildren, Scott Goodrich, Michelle Goodrich, Roy & Dana Nash, including Jesse and Amber and their son Carl, Jim & Virginia Goodrich, Ben and Amy Mason, Hope Smith & Chris, and Wayne & Pat Gander.

    Thank you for taking from your busy schedules to be with extended family members on this special occasion. Attendance at these family gatherings are obviously valuable in our staying connected, strengthening family ties, and in creating a greater feeling of love and comradery among us.

    Little Carl had a great time exchanging pleasantries and investigating new things to do. He is surely a cute little boy with much energy. Haley and her cousin consumed much of their energy running all over the park. Jan's grandson reached some spectacular heights climbing the many trees. Other family members enjoyed sitting in the shade and visiting in a relaxed atmosphere, including observing the beauty within the park.

    It is nice that Roy and Dana Nash are now living here in Spokane, along with some of their children. Now that they are settled in, we look forward to seeing more of all of them. Roy is a metallurgist working for Kaiser Aluminum.

    John and Jan spent a wonderful summer traveling throughout the country. They visited many of the presidential libraries and civil war memorials, among other places of interest.

    Wayne & Pat will be moving into a beautiful new facility on Evergreen just north of Broadway in Spokane Valley as soon as it is completed, probably sometime in September. They will enjoy visits from family and friends.

    We will look forward to getting together again in the not too distant future. If anyone has a suggestion for a similar occasion (restaurant or an evening of the arts) please send us the details with information regarding a date and place, and we will be happy to coordinate it with other family members.

  • A.G. & Lydia Goodrich Family Reunion

    A family reunion for the descendants of Albert Gardner & Lydia Merrell Goodrich took place in Moses Lake, Washington on July 4th weekend 2008. It was sponsored this year by Ken Goodrich and Grace Jensen from the Albert M. Goodrich family.

    Members attended from many parts of the country. A number of families were well represented. It was nice to visit with Roger Goodrich who was in attendance from Heber City, Utah. Roger will be retiring from BYU later in the year.

    Family members gathered at the Moses Lake Stake Center on Friday afternoon for a luncheon. Ken Goodrich gave out as door prizes several nice wood bowls that he had handcrafted.

    Grace Jensen also made some very beautiful stitchwork available as door prizes. There were some mighty pleased people.

    John Goodrich had revived some old phonograph recordings of A.G. Goodrich and his sons. He played them for us. It was truly enjoyable to listen to them. What wonderful voices they all had.

    There were several musical numbers. Wayne Jensen gave some dancing lessons and many participated.

    Family members related some interesting old stories, as we enjoyed pizza, salads, and desserts.

    Later in the evening family members attended a beautiful fireworks display over the lake.

    Saturday, the family gathered at McCosh park and enjoyed a picnic social and more visiting.

    It was a very nice reunion.

  • Merrill Goodrich Family Picnic

    Family members from the Spokane and Moses Lake area gathered at Finch Arboretum in Spokane for a picnic social on Saturday, July 4th, 2009. It was a wonderful day of visiting, The children had a great time playing games and wading in the little creek. Everyone enjoyed Kentucky Fried Chicken, including an assortment of salads and desserts.

    The weekend began on Friday evening. Seventeen family members gathered at P.F.Chang's Bistro in Spokane for Chinese cuisine at its finest.

    It was heartwarming to be with and enjoy the company of family members, and to renew old friendships with the few that we had not seen for a period of time.

    It was decided by those in attendance that the Merrill Goodrich family descendants will schedule future picnic socials on an annual basis.

  • New John Goodrich Family Photos Page

    We are introducing the new John Goodrich Family Photos Page. John has submitted several hundred family pictures for publication, of which we have placed 68 pictures on our family website. We will publish the rest of them in the near future.

    John Goodrich

    Goodrich family members are welcome to submit their family pictures and other information of interest, including biographies, obituaries, and memorabilia.