Welcome to the Goodrich Connection, a family website dedicated to the generations of progeny that descend from George Albert Goodrich and his three wives, Eliza Ann Taggart, Harriet Maria Taggart and Rhoda Slade.

    George Albert was born in Lunenburg, Massachusetts in 1839 and died in Vernal Utah in 1911. He had 32 children, twenty-two of which had offspring, and most of them had large families. Now George Albert Goodrich has thousands of descendants. This website will be a chronicle of his legacy.

    The Goodrich Connection and the Goodrich Family Organization have been around for nearly two decades under the direction of Jim Goodrich. The site is now in a state of redesign with a much broader scope and an intensified vision in mind.

    With the addition of Jim’s son Justin, and his nephew Ben Caler, this site will take on many expansive changes over the next year. For now however, the site will primarily reflect the descendants of George Albert's son Albert Gardner Goodrich, with plans to include all of the participating descendants of George Albert Goodrich in the coming year.


George Washington Taggart, the father of George Albert Goodrich's wives Eliza Ann Taggart and Harriet Maria Taggart, was born November 6, 1816, in Sharon, New Hampshire.
He was a man who labored hard and gained very little in a material sense. He was a man of faith and courage who loved and was deeply committed to his God, his family, and his country. His numerous descendants, the beneficiaries of his hard work and dreams, can take pride in his noble achievements and be motivated by his tremendous example.
-  Eileen Taggart Robinson