George Albert Goodrich
March 3rd 1839 - February 19th 1911

George Albert Goodrich was born on 3 March 1889 in Lunenburg, Worcester, Massachusetts. His parents were Benjamin Franklin Goodrich and Penelope Randall Gardner.

When Johnston's Army came to Utah in 1857, George Albert was called into the Utah Militia and went with his company into Echo Canyon to prevent Colonel Johnston's entrance into Salt Lake City. In 1862 he was called by the leaders of the LDS Church to go back East to help some of the Saints who were traveling to Utah. On his return from the East he again took up his work in the Militia. He was made a captain and served in the Black Hawk War in the Utah Territory.

In 1862 he married Eliza Ann Taggart, and in 1866 he married her half-sister, Harriet Maria Taggart.

In October 1868 , George was called South to help build up a new place called St. Joseph, Piute, Arizona Territory. After Brigham Young sent the Goodrich family their release, they left St. Joseph and went to Orderville, in Kane County, Utah. There they planted crops only to have the grasshoppers destroy them.

On 9 October, 1879, he married Rhoda Slade. She was a school teacher in Morgan.

Pioneer work was not over for George Albert Goodrich; for in 1885 he went to Ashley Valley. For eight years he operated the first grist mill in the Valley.

From 1892 to 1894 George filled a mission in the Southern States for the Church. Shortly after his mission, he returned to Salt Lake City and worked in the temple until 1896.

The last big job George Albert worked on as a stone mason was the Uintah Stake Tabernacle at Vernal, which was commenced in 1900 and finished in 1907. In his later years, he worked at the Dinosaur Quarry in Jensen, during the initial excavations.

Excerpts taken from
George Albert Goodrich
Family History and Genealogy